Tara Mc Mahon - Belgium


Tara Mc Mahon obtained her Master in Dental Science (MSD) at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium in 2011. After which she first followed an advanced Master in Dental Science focused on Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry and then she completed a two year course of specialization in Endodontics at ULB. Since 2014, Tara is an academic and clinical instructor for undergraduate students at the Brussels University (ULB) and became in 2017 a lecturer for the undergraduate endodontics course. Tara is also actively involved in training the post-graduate students during their endodontics specialisation (ULB). In 2018 she started her PhD research focused on NiTi. She works in her private practice limited to endodontics in Belgium.

Dr. Tara Mc Mahon is a board member of « Quintessence Endo, revue française d’endodontie ».


Does heat treated NiTi facilitate endodontic therapy?

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