Perforation : Journey to the best

Perforation is a procedural accident that occurs during root canal treatment, creating an artificial communication between the root canal and the supporting periodontal apparatus. Iatrogenic root perforation is a major complication of endodontic and restorative treatments. Root perforation complicates the treatment and deprives the prognosis if not properly managed. Successful treatment depends mainly on immediate sealing of the perforation and prevention of infection. Therefore, through idea regarding its restorability is essential which includes knowledge of site, size, time and location of perforation. CBCT constitutes an important resource for the diagnosis and prognosis of this clinical condition. The use of clinical operating microscope provides a magnification up to 20 times that helps in locating and identifying root canal perforations, detecting its border precisely. With the aid of recent MAP system and bioactive materials perforation can be repaired with unbelievable results.

Objectives :

– The role of CBCT in perforation repair

– Clarification of perforation , classification and its effect on prognosis

– Perforation repair in relation to modern technologies

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