Mastering the obturation in Endodontics: is the single cone a suitable technique for an high quality obturation of the root canal system?

The obturation of the root canal system is a real important step of the root canal system in order to achieve a positive outcome of the therapy.

As a matter of fact an high percentage of the endodontic failures are associated with incomplete root canal obturation.

The Warm Gutta Percha techniques fixed the problems arising from the cold techniques, allowing the clinician to properly seal the root canal system in a three dimensional way.

Warm gutta percha techniques are certainly the best techniques to achieve the obturation objectives but they are not the most used ones amongst the General practitioners. Both for the necessity of having dedicated equipment and for the complexity of the techniques itself. Bioceramic sealers represent a real game changer. Thanks to their properties bring a

specific obturation technique back from the past and make it more modern and predictable: the Single Cone. Aim of this lecture is to highlight how the Single Cone – thanks to bioceramic sealer – has become a very interesting option when it comes to carry out high quality root canal obturation.


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