Endodontic-Orthodontic inter-relationship: A bilateral perspective on the gray shades:

Endodontic-orthodontic inter-relationship is an inter-disciplinary correlation involving a range of
aspects that start from the effects of orthodontic tooth movement on pulp vitality and root
resorption to the integrated treatment planning decisions in a range of clinical scenarios.
The later include the propensity to orthodontically move vital vs. endodontically treated teeth
that were managed by conventional or surgical means, the contribution of previous dental trauma
and the impact of the radicular apical diameter on the treatment planning decisions. Whether to
deliver a complete or a partial endodontic treatment at one point of the active orthodontic tooth
movement process is another issue that depends on many factors. Orthodontic treatment can also
be used in conjunction with endodontic therapy in order to retain teeth that would otherwise be
surgically managed, i.e. in the cases that need orthodontic extrusion. The pre-operative pulpal
and peri-radicular conditions, the types of delivered orthodontic forces, the quality of endodontic
management and the reliability of the integrated decision making are all important factors that
govern the clinical and biological outcomes. These aspects will be addressed in a two-sided way
from both orthodontic and endodontic perspectives in order to provide a complementary vision
of this topic.
At conclusion, the participants should be able to:

  1. Biologically highlight the effect of orthodontic tooth movement on pulp vitality and root
    liability to resorption in both vital and non-vital cases.
  2. Implement an evidence-based approach for the planning and management of cases
    mandating the integration of endodontic and orthodontic treatments.
  3. Provide a rationale for the variable outcomes in different clinical situations at different
    stages of integrated endodontic-orthodontic intervention from the perspectives of both


Ahmed Shawky

Mais Medhat Sadek

Sarah Fahmy

Ahmed Zaky

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