Microsurgery Vs Traditional Surgery

Endodontic Microsurgery: The Arguments Behind the Scene:

Surgical endodontic treatment has been advocated over the past 150 years as a
valuable treatment option for teeth survival. Nowadays, gathering with magnification,
the principles of endodontic microsurgery has refined regarding soft and hard tissue
management, use of tissue regenerative root-end filling materials and use of advanced
techniques of wound closure and postoperative management. Rationally, the payer
for the evolution of contemporary endodontic microsurgical principles came from a
better understanding of the challenges faced in cleaning, shaping, disinfecting, and
obturating the complex root canal system that deceives even the most skilled and
experienced operator. In essence, the choice of microsurgical intervention in
endodontic practice may actually be more difficult and challenging than the surgical
procedure itself. However, the advent of evidence-based outcome studies has
addressed a wide range of debatable issues in endodontic microsurgery between
endodontists and oral surgeons either in treatment planning or in the surgical
procedures itself. This lecture will state the definitive decision for all controversial
and debatable issues between the endodontists and the oral surgeons giving the
opportunity to discuss different opinions in one talk.



It provides the clinician with overall meaningful and applicable clinical information
regarding endodontic microsurgery.
It provides learning the paradigm shift from surgical to microsurgical endodontics.
It shows different opinions of both of the endodontists and the oral surgeons in the
field of endodontic microsurgery and how to remove misconception between them.


Ahmed Sobhy Salem

Moataz Alkhawas

Mohamed Mahmoud

Moustafa Taha

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