Implant Vs Endodontics

The Choice: Endodontics or Implant placement - a hard decision.:

> A simple comparison of long-term survival or success rates of root filled teeth and implants does not
fulfil the demand for a comprehensive decision-making process, which includes multiple factors to
evaluate, individual case evaluation and a thorough treatment planning. Clinicians frequently face the
dilemma of whether to endodontically treat and retain a questionable tooth or to extract and
potentially replace it with a dental implant. Good long-term success rates and greater flexibility in
clinical management indicate that RCT or retreatment should be performed first in most instances
unless the tooth is judged to be unrestorable. When deciding if a compro- mised tooth of questionable
prognosis should be maintained or replaced by an implant, both local, site-specific and more general
patient-related factors should be considered. Following systematic evaluation and consideration of the
best treatment option in a particular case, a treatment recommendation may then be given in favour or
against tooth retention.


Ayman Galal Eldimeery

Ashraf Refai

Ahmed Ghobashy

Mohamed Katamish

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